27% of SEOs Say They’ve By no means Completed a Hyperlink Audit [POLL] by @A_Ninofranco


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27% of SEOs Say They’ve Never Done a Link Audit [POLL]
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A backlink audit is useful in some ways. It’s often step one to take if you wish to:

Making certain that you've a high-quality and pure hyperlink profile is paramount. That’s why it’s a great apply to verify your hyperlinks recurrently.

So, when’s the final time you carried out a hyperlink audit in your web site?


We requested this query to the Search Engine Journal Twitter group. Right here’s what we came upon.

When Is the Final Time You Carried out a Hyperlink Audit on Your Web site?

Listed here are the outcomes from this #SEJSurveySays ballot query.

In accordance to a survey of SEJ’s Twitter audience:

  • 47 % stated they carried out a hyperlink audit within the final 30 days.
  • 16 % stated that they had audited their hyperlinks inside the final 6 months.
  • 10 % stated they did a hyperlink audit up to now yr.

Nevertheless, probably the most surprising outcome was this: 27 percent of SEOs have never conducted a link audit on their website.

When Is the Last Time You Conducted a Link Audit on Your Website

Hyperlink Audits Are Essential

In the event you’re among the many search engine marketing professionals who religiously verify in your web site’s hyperlink presence, stick with it! Hyperlink audits ought to undoubtedly be part of your common search engine optimisation course of.

However when you’re one of many few who has by no means, ever finished a hyperlink audit in your (or your shopper’s) website, it’s excessive time to rethink your strategies. Not taking note of your personal hyperlinks means you’re additionally lacking a key piece of the search engine optimisation puzzle.

Links matterquite a bit. It’s an important search ranking factor that may make or break your probabilities of rating properly within the SERPs.

Should you don’t know what sort of hyperlinks you’re getting, the place they’re coming from, and the way you bought them, you gained’t be capable of develop and implement a profitable hyperlink constructing and search engine optimisation technique.

Be proactive and conduct a hyperlink audit in your web site at the moment!

Extra Insights on Hyperlink Audits

Trying to achieve extra understanding on how and why it is best to audit your web site’s hyperlinks? Take a look at this listing of articles from our SEJ contributors:

Have Your Say

When was your final hyperlink audit carried out? Tag us on social media to tell us.

You'll want to have your say within the subsequent survey – take a look at the #SEJSurveySays hashtag on Twitter for future polls and knowledge.

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